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Own Stunning Waterfront Property in New England

There's nothing like the Long Island Sound. It combines leisure and recreation in a scenic beauty known only to Connecticut and Massachusetts. And when you choose William Raveis Real Estate & Home Services, you can be sure that you'll have access to the best waterfront homes for sale.

You'll be able to search our MLS listings database, which is packed with MA and CT waterfront homes. And when you find the waterfront property of your dreams, our real estate agents can help you secure a mortgage and homeowner's insurance. You'll be able to enjoy your waterfront home while we take care of the details!

There are plenty of coastal towns with prime waterfront homes for sale. Whether you're interested in property along the Long Island Sound, Taunton Lake, Bantam Lake, Connecticut or Housatonic rivers, just to name a few popular sites, you'll find spectacular CT waterfront homes. And if it's coastal living in Massachusetts you seek, check out Buzzards Bay, Charles River or Cape Cod Bay.

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Connecticut Waterfront Homes for Sale

Here are some prime areas in Connecticut with waterfront homes for sale:

Norwalk – You can't pass up a prime area like Norwalk if you have it in your heart to live by the sea. The seaport has ensured the livelihood of Norwalk natives for generations, but a large influx from Fortune 500 companies in the past years have guaranteed an even better economy. Miles of ocean front property are waiting for you, as are waterfront homes for sale.

Fairfield – A virtual cornucopia of things to do can be found in Fairfield. Being on the edge of Long Island Sound has afforded Fairfield vast beaches and scenic views of the ocean. Bring your boat to the full service marina and walk the area looking for your new waterfront home for sale.

Westport – A sea town with a soul. Westport is home to many writers, artists and theater people. The town holds many cultural and recreational activities with the seashore as its backdrop. Considered a small town with approximately 26,000 residents, you will feel at home with the intertwined old town shops and new chain stores. Waterfront homes for sale are plenty here; providing quintessential New England living with modern charm.

Greenwich – Greenwich is synonymous with the thoughts of living on the Connecticut shoreline. Call “The Gateway to New England" it is usually the first stop for anyone traveling from New York City, which is only 28 miles away. Rugged coastlines offer fun and adventure for the little ones as well a scenic and charming environment for the adults who purchase the dashing, upscale waterfront property here.

Darien – This is a town that echo's back to the past with it old style main street to its old time feel. Darien has everything you need in a small package. There are parks, ponds, yacht and swim clubs, stables and much more for the active. The sandy beaches are just as enticing as the shops along the harbor.

Bridgeport – Located on Long Island Sound Bridgeport is an old whaling and shipbuilding community. Much of the coastline has been transformed into ports and parks but a substantial amount of land has been reserved for residential waterfront property. Owning a property that overlooks the Black Rock Harbor Lighthouse would be like paying homage to those families who did before, and waited for there loved ones to be guided back by the light.

Stratford – White sandy beaches await you when you live in Stratford. A day of lounging on the beach or strolling the seawall will get you in the mood for quiet night overlooking Long Island Sound. The seaport economy is supplemented by the rows of shops situated along the coast, with plenty of modern CT waterfront property to choose from.

Are you thinking about exploring waterfront homes for sale in Connecticut and Massachusetts? We have plenty of waterfront property listings and now is as good a time as any to start looking!

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